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Practice Areas

Real Estate

  • Representation of developers and owners in TAMA 38 projects (The Israeli nationwide law for strengthening buildings against earthquakes) and urban renewal projects.

  • Sale and purchase transactions of private and commercial properties including the initial evaluation of the deal, leading complex negotiationsuntil full completion of the transaction.

  • Rental agreements regarding private and commercial properties.

  • Registration of proprietary rights in real estate properties.

  • Property management services.


  • Representation of private and corporate entities in financing requests from Israeli banks and funds for the purpose of implementation of transactions of different kinds.


  • Drafting and execution of wills.

  • Handling of requests for Israeli probate orders with expertise in requests submitted for estates left in Israel by foreign residents.

  • Registration of proprietary rights in properties left by estate law.

  • For further information on settling estates in Israel - press here.

Corporate law

  • Drafting of partnership and company management agreements.

  • Founding, registration, and liquidation of companies at the Israeli companies’ registrar.

  • Drafting of loan agreements.

  • Registration and removal of liens.

Representation in litigation cases before the land registration supervisor in the Israeli land registry

  • Drafting and representation in lawsuits, requests and injunctions pertaining to conflicts in joint apartment buildings.

  • Representation in lawsuits submitted against tenants refusing to join TAMA 38 projects (Urban renewal projects for strengthening buildings against earthquakes).

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